I DJ in Traktor (and sometimes Ableton), using a custom mapping I made for my Akai APC40.

Here are some of the mixes I've recorded over the past couple years.

My mindset when DJing is not to showcase incredible skill or highly choreographed routines. I'll tell you straight up that I can't beatmatch to save my life. I hit that sync button on every deck as soon as Traktor loads up. I record mixes so that I can listen to them later and hear all the songs I like. If you listen to my sets, think of them as AMAZING DANCEFLOOR WRECKERS at best and glorified playlists at worst. I want to show you the music I enjoy listening to. The term "selector" appeals to me as a DJ because I don't really do all that much in the booth aside from choosing what songs to play.

If you don't have a lot of time, I recommend you listen to "that's real nito" as it is the shortest mix (~15 minutes) but it remains one of my favorites.

dnb practice 2016-09-27

This was a recorded practice session that turned out exceptionally well. I'm particularly fond of the transition out of Ice Cold Soul into that BSE classic, Winter War.

dnb practice album cover
Time Title Artist Release
00:00 Micro Organism Phace & Noisia ENERGY EP
04:09 Move Faster Dimension Love To Me / Move Faster
06:13 Space City Cynematic Daytona
08:25 Killing the Light Black Sun Empire From the Shadows
10:00 Push Back Icicle Differentia EP
10:00 Rollpipe VIP Amoss
12:30 Exavolt Noisia Outer Edges
13:41 Artificial Intelligence Audeka Texture Pack EP
16:33 Autonomous Billain Colossus
18:27 Rock'n'Roll June Miller Rock'n'Roll / Wildlife
20:00 Senescence Current Value Biocellulose
22:50 Emulation Mefjus Emulation
25:00 Militant Audeka & Disprove
26:29 All Talk Hyroglifics All Talk EP
28:44 Ice Cold Soul (VIP) Switch Ice Cold Soul (VIP) / Conversations (Rene LaVice & Gremlinz Remix)
30:57 Winter War Black Sun Empire Endangered Species
33:10 Untitled Stazma the Junglechrist
35:00 Intercept Signal
37:05 Release My Soul (Alternative Version) Gerra & Stone
39:00 Sendai Song Logistics Fear Not (Special Edition)
40:00 fine night goreshit gnb
44:44 17:300:00 Evol Intent Era Of Diversion (Bonus Tracks)
46:43 Beautiful Lie Receptor

Rhythm Violence

An exploration of the harder side of drum and bass. Massage for your ears.

rhythm violence album cover
Time Title Artist Release
00:00 Saus June Miller Robots & Romans
001:30 Hunger Posij Hunger
03:34 That's A Monster Groove TAMFREE075
05:02 End Of Your Existence Vaenus Modern Day Bedroom Junglist
06:51 The Plague of Zion Gore Tech Futurphobia
08:57 I Will Die For You Silent Killer The Ohm Resistance Years 2005-2010
10:52 Magikess Ivy Lab Peninsula EP
13:13 Darker Than Black (Subp Yao Remix) Chee Fear Monger
14:09 Stigmotor It Up Badrock Underside 4 LP
16:00 Under The Radar (VIP mix) Evol Intent Under The Radar
17:20 Unbelievable Teddy Killerz Unbelievable
19:13 Behal Punishment
20:43 Unbreakable Acting Damage Hyper Sonics
22:22 Necromancy Audeka & Rawtekk Lost Souls
24:03 2051 Aethek
27:10 Nomad Bad Company UK RAM Drum & Bass Annual 2017
29:07 Once Upon a Time in Porto DJ Hidden Directive
30:20 Roguebot Alex Centra Powered by Inspected #2
32:49 Diablo (VIP Mix) Culprate Glados
34:13 Organica Gore Tech Futurphobia

Agni Schiwatas 2017-11-22

I'm trying to get better at putting a set together on the fly, rather than planning the tracklist and transitions in advance.
Another thing I focused on in this set was jumping around within each song and cutting between songs to mix up the structure, tease upcoming transitions, and make rhythms "speak" with each other.

There are some rough cuts in here but I had fun with it.

agni schiwatas album cover
Time Title Artist Release
00:00 Double Arcade Infekt Black Ops II
01:51 mysteronz (chicago localization)
04:08 Destroy Wobad Recommended by Duploc
08:08 Doc Ock Kozik Seraphim Vol. 1
10:10 The Wulf (2016 VIP) Yuki Be Bewildered Vol. 1
12:01 2000EMU Haunta Battle Royale Vol. 1
14:19 War AnswerD War
15:17 Swamp Outlit x Arcrux
16:29 Brain Basher Villain
18:44 Jotaro Phiso Excision 2016 Mix Compilation
19:43 Crush On You Nero Welcome Reality
21:03 Crush On You (cntrl. bootleg) Nero
21:53 Smashed Kozik Damaged Sounds - 4yr Anniversary LP
23:13 Free Micky Bundat
24:10 Graves
25:25 Disk Error Bleep Bloop x PROKO
26:22 Dark Age Kadaver
28:51 Darkened gh0sh
30:13 I SEE YOU Lux
30:40 Double Arcade Infekt

5 Jan 2016

This is the first mix I was really proud of; it was the first one where I thought deliberately about energy levels and consistent theme from song to song.
It also has a "bonus track" at the end, the absolutely incredible COLLAPSE AND APPEAR by LIL UGLY MANE.

5 Jan 2016 album cover
Time Title Artist Release
00:00 for you Tobias
03:20 regret OBESON
05:41 trust aspen
07:32 BODY Sidewalks and Skeletons
09:08 The Hills The Weeknd
10:36 i.i.xvii ANUBIS XIII
13:34 eevee's.song 4by4
16:01 the moon comes closer Comfort Fit the moon comes closer
18:33 gemini 4 M.A.W.
20:19 1Bit Most Proper
22:47 あ な た f o r g o t COCAINEJESUS
24:58 lucid dreaming woolymammoth
27:19 site zero RL Grime
30:34 c o m i n g d o w n P A T H
33:42 like this before Unknown & ELJAY
40:56 UNDERWATER SUN Sidewalks and Skeletons

6 Feb 2016 v2

This mix starts and ends strong but I feel the middle is lacking.
I really wanted to put the Senbonzakura remix in but didn't spend enough time thinking about how to make it flow with the rest of the set, and I think the quality suffered because of that.

6 Feb 2016 album cover
Time Title Artist Release
00:00 Broken Glowsticks G Jones
01:48 Absolute Zero Bleep Bloop
03:11 Mars Attacks Zeke Beats & Bleep Bloop
04:58 Bull Dozer Clicks & Whistles & UZ
07:30 Get Ya Body Down (Ray Volpe Remix) Grabbitz
09:32 My Love (Tom Budin Remix) Route 94 Ft. Jess Glynne
12:54 Foreign Lazers (feat. Doshy) Yheti
15:14 Mutant Standard Ohneohtrix Point Never Garden of Delete
16:52 Caltrain Mad Zach
19:08 Splattered Concrete (feat. GOJII) Elevation
22:22 Sensations (feat. Cresce) Ben Maxwell
24:16 walked away
25:32 Your Secret Cherishh
27:33 So Cute! Giraffage & Slow Magic
30:08 Senbonzakura (Frontliner Remix) Hatsune Miku
33:26 Sierra Leone (MajorLeagueWobs Remix) Mt.Eden
35:34 It's Okay to Move Elevation
38:56 Because of U RL Grime
42:22 My Friend LOSI
50:05 4172756869 (isagen remix) callasoiled

that's real nito

This Dark Souls themed mix is meant to recall the Chosen Undead's journey deep underground to fight Gravelord Nito.

that's real nito album cover
Time Title Artist Release
00:00 Hiroden 651 0edit Neotokyo OST
01:38 celestial
03:58 fidget Halley Labs Associates bad academia
05:33 Glockspin Lux.Impala DIEHIGH - [season.01]
06:35 Spaced Outlit x Drevm
09:21 Gravelord Nito Motoi Sakuraba Dark Souls OST
10:17 Waltz Of The Hanging Hills (BOYGOLD Remix) Fifty Grand Helena's Skin
13:21 First Fires (Instrumental) Bonobo First Fires
14:13 First Fires Bonobo The North Borders

juke practice august

At the time I recorded this, I had just discovered OMOIDE LABEL and had never mixed anything at 160bpm. I took it as a learning opportunity and a chance to play some really unusual tracks.
This mix is one of the first times I made use of more than two decks, thanks to an updated APC40 mapping.

juke practice august album cover
Time Title Artist Release
00:00 Nikki in Purple Bourgeoisie Bourgeoisie (self-titled)
01:46 Greys Bite Me Agari Vol.001
04:45 The En'chi Project Will Arrive Someday PERSEPHONE Don't Wake the Dreamer
06:05 Revel Rando & Mayke Agari Vol.001
07:00 later 2 (remastered) Kasachi
08:11 Movin Up Frenquency NET ELITE COMP 003 - A Cohesive Curation
09:55 shuren op fris STYN & BERTHOLET Pornografie II: De Wallen
10:10 そのあと3000 voice by あゆ巫女(from 口寄せ), abelest EMDEE1 JUKEしようや ~most dangerous loveromance juke~
10:47 I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE part CRZKNY JUKEしようや Barren Illusion ~ Remember Hiroki Yamamura ~ vol.1
14:50 Black Wax MxM & TYNVN
15:50 Niki (Styn Remix) Brothel & Styn
17:15 Boem LOSI Daruma Vol. 1
17:50 Doge Zeke Beats Pay Attention
19:57 凍狂 アナーキー兄弟 YOUR SOUND
22:30 Impulse Hiroki Yamamura Impulse EP
23:53 ID
24:12 ID
26:14 Juke Shit Yo Yo bamulet JUKEしようや ~most dangerous loveromance juke~

after the juke one august

Originally, juke practice august and this mix were part of one long recording, but the two are stylistically different enough that it made more sense to me to cut them apart.
This is meant to be an "end of the night" set for winding down - it starts pretty heavy and just spins off into glitchy nothingness.

after the juke one august album cover
Time Title Artist Release

lucid dreaming

Let me start by saying TirarADeguello is an incredible artist. He fills a weird, cool niche in the ASMR ecosystem and as soon as I heard this video in particular, I knew I had to put together a drifting, dripping mix to go along with it.
For this mix, I set up Deck C to take external input from youtube, and then attempted to DJ while keeping up with the mood of the video as it changed over time

after the juke one august album cover
Time Title Artist Release
00:00 Lucid Dreaming Exercise ASMR Binaural Whisper 1 TirarADeguello
00:45 ID
03:27 Portal Sandtimer Pain of Gods
05:50 Heather Korporal K + ImCoPav Deep Emotions
07:50 Immortal Planet V
10:24 W a t e r G u n COCAINEJESUS Safety
12:10 ID
16:04 Breathe (Frequent x Hudson Lee Remix) Frequent x Hudson Lee The Platform Vol 1
18:50 Lucid Dreaming Exercise ASMR Binaural Whisper 1 TirarADeguello